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Dermatology is the special discipline of medicine that includes the research, experimentation, analysis, and handling of any disorders that may harm the skin, membranes, nails, fat hair, aging ailments of the skin, and agile to chronic cancers.

A dermatologist is a medical practitioner who is specialized in the diagnosis and treating skin problems and associated diseases. They are professional skin surgeons and medical practitioners with the special experiences and proficiencies to provide the most suitable care for the body organ that protects you from unwanted contacts. The skin is the most significant part of our body that shields the internal organs from exposure to bacteria acts as a barrier to protect us from getting in direct contact with unhealthy substances and injuries. Skin is also a great pointer to body fitness, wellness, and overall health, making dermatology necessary in diagnosing and managing various body diseases.

Dermatologic Disorders

Diseases of the nails, skin, and hair are general, and almost every human faces these dermatologic health issues at least once in their life. Around 1/6 of all walks to a general physician are about skin-related issues including allergies, infections, and itching. Let's have a look at some of the most prevalent dermatologic disorders:

  • Eczema: Inflamed and itchy skin that may bleed due to harshness.
  • Dermatitis: Sore, swollen, and reddish skin due to allergy or irritation.
  • Cold sore: Infected blister close to mouth due to herpes simplex virus.
  • Psoriasis: Tingling, reddish, rough spots on the skin.
  • Fungal infections: Infection in the nails or skin due to fungal attacks.
  • Acne: bumps on the skin because of sebaceous glands' inflammation.
  • Warts: Virus that produces small unyielding lump on the skin.
  • Skin cancer: Growth in skin cells goes out of control.

Each of these dermatologic diseases has specific signs and needs to be handled under expert supervision. Furthermore, as per the circumstances and complications, each case varies, which affects the treatment determinations.

Different Sub Disciplines Of Dermatology


It is the field that focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of skin, hair, nail problems in kids. The physical, mental, and psychological aspects of children are totally different from adults, so a specialized doctor is needed to particularly look for newborns and infants.


It is a sub-specialization that connects pathology with dermatology or the research and classification of conditions via skin and hair samples. It allows dermatologists to investigate the origins and impacts of skin, nail, and hair diseases, and to correctly diagnose them as soon as possible in the initial stage.


This is the dermatological sub discipline in which the doctor practices to promote the physical appearance of the skin. Cosmetic dermatology involves treatments like dermal fillers and Botox to soften the wrinkles and unwanted lines on the skin. It includes facial volume, hair removal using laser, chemical peels, and laser therapy to reduce wrinkles and blemishes, etc. MOHS SURGERY

A Mohs surgeon operates a specific type of procedure known as Mohs surgery, which is practiced individually to cure skin cancer.


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